Guest Stars:

Admission and VIP Pricing:

Parking Information:

Parking on site is reserved for those with limited mobility requiring a wheelchair. 

One Day Pass(to be used Friday, Saturday, OR Sunday): $10

Weekend Pass: $25

Thank you to Main Street Trolleys for collaborating with us on shuttles! 

Detailed shuttle loop and off-site parking lots coming soon.  

Bag Policy

In light of recent events, the Epic team has decided to make all events, for the forseeable future, clear bag only. At this time we will NOT limit size, however
all bags will need to be clear in order to enter the venue. Our top priority is ensuring the safety of all attendees, talent, volunteers, and staff. We appreciate your cooperation with helping to keep our events as safe as possible!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this new policy, please email us at help@epiccons.com.
If you are needing assistance with medical supplies that need to be transported and carried in to the event, please email as well.

Mystic Falls – population 6,923..for now – the home of the Timberwolves, Vampires, and everything in between. Now, we’re heading back to where it all began. The town where we fell in love with a pair of brothers, met the Original Family, and believed in magic. 

Whether you’re strolling in the town square, having lunch at the Mystic Grill, or searching for Damon in the clocktower, it’ll be a beautiful weekend – one where we hope you’ll be feeling epic!


Have you ever wanted to ask your favorite actor a question? Are you curious how popular TV shows are made? Panels are the perfect opportunity to learn behind-the-scenes information that every fangirl or boy should know! 

The official panel schedule for #IWFF will be released prior to the event. 

Photo Ops

Photo ops are your opportunity to briefly say hi to the celebrity guest and get your photo taken with them!  All photos come with a digital download.  

If you would like to also purchase a physical copy that will be printed on-site at the event, you can purchase a “Physical Copy” on our ticketing page.


Autographs are your opportunity to briefly chat with the guest at their autograph table and have an item signed.

NOTE: Each item that is autographed will need its OWN autograph ticket.

Meet and Greet

Meet and Greets are a group of no more than 20 fans and the celebrity guest.  You spend either 30 minutes or 1 hour sitting in the small group chatting with the guest, and the ability to ask a question.  Each Meet and Greet includes a selfie with the guest.

For #IWFF, we are offering a more immersive Meet and Greet experience. Some of our M&G’s will happen in special locations throughout Covington to make you feel like you’re a part of the shows we know and love. We encourage attendees to purchase (1) M&G a day. Pop Up locations and information will be announced prior to tickets going on sale. 

Note: Not all Meet and Greets will happen off campus.  


One of the best parts of any fandom is the merch! Shop our Epic Merch line, and fandom shops from small businesses and vendors around town!

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December 1-3 2023

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